1Gig Fiber Internet Speed Test

The most clear feature of the Internet connection today is the speed of the Internet. Measuring Internet speed gives information directly about the quality of the internet connection. For this reason, in case of malfunction, our customer representatives usually carry out internet speed tests to our customers. You can use this page for 1gig fiber internet speed test.

Why Internet Speed ​​is Measured?

The purpose of measuring the speed of the Internet is to have a clear understanding of the quality of the connection. Because of the problems that may occur in internet connections and especially in connection points in fiber internet, the connection cables may be deformed, a malfunction in the modem or in any other way may affect the signal quality, the connection speed will be directly decreased and will be informed whether there is a fault.

How to Measure Internet Speed?

You can take advantage of our website that measures your internet speed to measure your connection speed. If your computer or any device connected to the modem during the measurement that you make with this website, please close it if a program is downloaded or downloaded. Doing so may cause the measuring system to fail. This may give incorrect information about your connection speed. If there are no problems, it may seem like a problem. At the same time, social media, such as high-data exchange of web sites, it is good to keep closed.

Download Speed

There are a few different points to be considered after internet speed measurement. Our system gives you some information after measurement. This information includes download speed, upload speed and ping. The download speed shows the speed of downloading data from the Internet against the server. This speed should be close to the internet speed we provide. If it is too low, this means there is a problem with your internet connection. In this way, you can talk to our customer representative and talk about this problem.

Upload Speed

The upload speed shows you the speed of data that goes from your computer to a server, thanks to your internet connection. This data rate gives information about your connection speed directly. Usually the download speed and the upload speed are parallel to each other. It is normal for the upload speed to be slightly lower than your download speed. However, it is a good idea to contact our customer representative when it is too low.

PING value

Ping value gives information about the connection speed of internet speed. Connection may be high, internet speed may be high, but if there are disconnections during connection, if the page stays white and cannot be loaded during a website connection, if the video is interrupted while watching a video, ping may be a problem if the latency value is high while playing. The ping value is in milliseconds. This information will actually give the delay between two internet signals. The lower the waiting time between these two signals, the better the connection quality. The higher the connection points, the higher the connection points of the Internet connection cable. Please contact our customer representative or technical service.

What should I do if there is a problem?

If you think there is a problem with your internet connection, download and upload speed or ping, it is better to create an internet fault by calling our customer representative. Our experienced technical staff will contact you in order to solve your failure as soon as possible. Due to the high customer satisfaction, we continue to work in order to solve each customer’s special problems as soon as possible.