VSAT Satellite Services Speed Test

The Internet is now living in the life of everyone from seven to seventy in modern life. It is almost impossible for people to be unable to withstand the absence of the Internet in an environment that cannot be thought about without an internet. Especially in recent years now began a speed race among internet service providers. Now customers have started to prefer internet based on speed. No matter whether it is on mobile devices, everyone wants to use the internet at the last speed and internet package is choosing accordingly. We have provided both our customers and the Internet that we promise to be able to control when we have a problem in the case of the VSAT satellite services speed test service.

Speed ​​Test Why?

Customers can use the Internet speed test to check if the speeds specified in their agreements are provided to them. The details of our customers’ trust in us are important here. At the same time in any way in the case of a problem in the Internet customer representatives, our customers want to control the internet speed. This service has been established to ensure that our company uses our own service to ensure that there is no misleading or incorrect measurement. Moreover, our customers can check the parameters in this speed test and understand whether the internet is a problem.

Speed ​​Test

In order to test the Internet speed, you must first connect to our service via your web browser. Then you can control your internet speed with a single button. As a result of this process, the system informs the customer about the system speed by giving the user download speed, upload speed and ping values.

Speed ​​Tests

There are many important things to consider when testing your Internet speed. First of all, during the test, any website, social media or an application that exchanges data with the counter server should not be open. Data exchange of such applications during measurement can cause deviations in the measurement values ​​of our customers. Therefore, it is important to make the measurement correct. At the same time, the values ​​can be changed according to the server to be connected. In particular, our customers who play online games based on the country where the server is connected to the game will provide the correct values ​​in the game. If no selection is made, the system will automatically select the server.

How do I know if my speed is appropriate?

You should evaluate the data obtained after you perform the test to understand that your internet speed is appropriate. The download speed shows how quickly your Internet connection downloaded data from the opposite server to your computer. The unit shows the data download of the unit amount in time. It should be close to the promised internet value in the contract with our company. If your internet connection is too low, then there may be a problem with the connection. You will be assisted by contacting our customer representatives if you provide information. Upload speed shows the speed of transferring data from your computer to the server. The higher this speed, the easier it is to upload data. Download and upload speeds are usually linked. Ping is the name given to the time between two signals in the internet connection. It is evaluated in milliseconds. Our customers should check the internet connection when they see high ping values.

Why Should I Use the Services of My Internet Provider?

There are many different web services available for the purpose of internet measurement speed. However, the use of our company’s service to our customers to avoid errors or incorrect measurements will be prevented. The installed system is designed to provide accurate and accurate Internet speed and value to our customers without error.