Optical Internet Speed test

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Internet at home, at work and on the phones used, has become a part of life. The availability and speed of the Internet is important. Therefore, measurements are made at the internet speed periodically. In this way, the speed of the internet can be learned by learning the speed. There are sites that measure many internet speeds on the Internet, but it is important to be measured by a reliable and accurate company. Our company enables you to determine the internet speed of internet service providers in USA by using safe and accurate measurement with optical internet speed test.

How to Measure Speed?

The IP address of your computer or your phone is uploaded to the system via the internet site that you will be able to access safely by our company. After this process, the Internet speed is measured accurately. Some data is sent to the vehicle you are using during this process. It is determined how long this data is going down. This allows you to determine your internet speed. The same process is used to determine the speed of download time.

Speed ​​Test Measurement Instructions

In order for your Internet speed to be measured correctly, you must follow the instructions correctly. The first thing you should follow in these instructions is to turn off your wireless internet connection. Then you need to make sure that your computer is connected to the section called the Ethernet port on your modem device. After doing this, you need to close all tabs and all other programs except the Internet Speed-up page on your computer home screen. This process is important in determining speed. You must not be connected to another device or vehicle to which your Internet is connected. You will then be asked to confirm whether you have done this correctly or not. After checking the actions done, you must select the yes section on this page.

What is the process of speed testing?

With the information you send to our system, the data rate, data load rate, ping time and jitter time can be determined. If your computer has a wireless feature, you should definitely disable it. Because there is a speed difference between the wired internet network and the wireless internet network. The wireless internet network has a slower speed in the wired internet network. The detected internet speed does not show a constant speed as it varies according to the intensity of the internet used in that hour. Therefore, it is advisable to test the system several times at regular intervals.

Speed ​​Test Result Interpretation

After the internet speed is measured by our system, it is explained with certain names. These names; ping, jitter, upload, download. Knowing these terms will help to interpret the internet speed. Your company shows clear results with the description of these terms. Measurement of the data rate you downloaded from the system is written as a result of the download name. When you enter the system, the speed in the period until the installation is called upload. The speed of time spent trying to enter a website is called ping time.

Jitter is the name given to the measurement of the quality of the data. If your ping and jitter measurements are low, your internet speed will be nice. Our company special attention is given to every customer who reaches our system and every kind of assistance is provided. In addition, the speed test is being made not only from your computer or tablet, but also from the mobile phone you are using. The IP addresses that we send to our company are kept confidential and safe and confidential. The results of the speed test are provided to be concluded quickly and sent.